As an landlord, nothing is worse than spending thousands of pounds to renovate a property, moving in a new tenant, and then finding thousands of pounds in damage when they move out.

When refurbishing a property you always try to "tenant proof" them as much as possible, to mitigate the amount of damage that a bad tenant can inflict.
Flooring is a great way to do this, as there are tons of options out there with different price points, and ability to withstand extreme wear and tear.

Some carpets are more durable than others. Some are more stain-resistant than others. Property owners will need to consider finding a carpet that will last through tenants and still make a good impression when they are ready to sell.

Great Range

Swansea Carpets have a great range of products to suit all properties.

Whether you need high-quality vinyl for the bathroom, hardwearing carpet for communal areas or even artificial grass for a low-maintenance garden area, we can provide a great product at a fantastic price.

Hands-off Approach

As a landlord, your time is valuable.

Swansea Carpets is able to offer a hands-off approach to having your flooring fitted. Simply provide us with a key, and we can measure up and fit the carpet without you needing to take time out of your day.

We also work with lettings agencies, so we can provide our great service through them if you're unable to be there directly.

Free Measuring & Fitting

At Swansea Carpets we are extremely proud to offer our free measuring and fitting service.

We can fit all our carpets, vinyl and laminate flooring products to an extremely high standard.

Not happy with the finish? Let us know and we will correct it!

Stain-Resistant & Durable Products

Swansea Carpets offer a range of stain-resistant and hard-wearing carpets, to keep your property looking great for years.

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    Justin Lamnea
  • Excellent service, excellent fitter and great price, thanks and would recommend.

    Gareth Leonard
  • Always had an excellent service with these always go back very frequently
    reasonably priced and great quality carpets and lino

    Ellen B